Are we really a memecoin? Are we a degen? …no, we are a gem!
As a DAO, we will participate in shaping reality, building an e-learning platform about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as creating a scholarship system. QukaDAO represents individuals committed to innovation and integration between the traditional and technological worlds.

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„You can wait for success or go out and create it for yourself.” – Unknown


Our philosophy is based on the belief that education is the key to unlocking unlimited potential. Our goal is to create the Learn2Earn application, which encourages and facilitates continuous learning and personal development.


Our token represents more than just a financial asset or trade tools. It serves as a symbol of our shared ideas, values and community within a decentralized organization.


We think that the true value of a cryptocurrency lies in its ability to bring about positive change and development in the world. Every QukaNFT holder will receive an airdrop of $QUKA tokens and will have the opportunity to vote in the DAO.


We believe that through the collective effort and participation of this diverse community, we can create a truly decentralized platform that serves the greater good and helps to shape the future of technology and society. As such, our DAO is focused on driving growth, innovation, and success for our community.

  • NFTs give the acces to vote in DAO
  • 7.5% fee is spent on buy and locking the $QUKA token for 100 years
  • Every NFT holder will get an airdrop of $QUKA tokens (airdrop after $1M MC) – airdrop depends on NFT level, the higher the character level, the more tokens you will receive.

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